A&E Bulk Foods in Markesan, WI

On Grand River Road in Markesan, WI, you will find a small Amish bulk food & candy store - A&E Bulk Foods. This happens to be my favorite stop in the area. I may be a bit bias though because my closest Amish friend is there each Saturday. Her name is Mary Kathryn and if you do stop by, please tell her Rose sent you. Smile

I find the prices at A&E Bulk Foods to be better than the other bulk food stores in the area. However, A&E does offer a limited selection. If you are not a fan of strong coffee, be sure to purchase a cup of their freshly brewed coffee. It is absolutely fantastic even without sugar or creamer. I always make sure I drink one while in the store chatting, and purchase another for the road. 

If you are wondering what A&E stand for, it's not Amish & English like we had originally thought. A&E stands for Aaron & Emma, the proprietors. 

A&E Bulk Foods
W3890 Grand River Road
Markesan, WI 53946

Open Monday - Saturday
8am - 5pm

See a map here.

A&E Bulk Foods also sells Grandma's Candy. If you are looking for a special order, just let them know! Remember, only cash and checks accepted. 

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