Lark Country Store in Bonduel, WI

Located in Shawano County, you will find Lark Country Store in Bonduel, WI. This store was like an Amish version of a mini Walmart. The store had most items you (if you lived as Amish), would need on a day to day basis like food, clothing, toys, furniture, gifts, books, & more. There were even some handmade items. This is definitely the place to go for men's Amish straw and felt hats or women's bonnets. 


Lark Country Store
W5431 Lark Rd, Bonduel, WI 54166
Open 8 - 5 daily except Sunday. 

This is a great place to buy items in bulk. I like to purchase items such as cinnamon, pasta, seasoning, and baking supplies in bulk. It's much more cost effective and I don't have to wonder if I'm paying extra for the brand name packaging. 

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